[ Hy-May ] + Creative is a boutique design agency specializing in interior design, art consulting, and creative direction. Started in 2015 by Creative Director Jaime [ Hy-May ] Maldonado,  [ Hy-May] + Creative  was named for the common mispronunciation of Jaime’s name.  The phonetic spelling "Hy-May" sounds out the correct pronunciation.

With life long passion for interiors, architecture, art and a love for good design [ Hy-May ] brings a wealth of knowledge and an impeccable eye to his clients.  An avid collector of art,  furniture and curious objects he has been finding unique pieces for friends, clients, and other interior designers for years.

[ Hy- May ] sees his role as interpreting a client’s vision into a unique, livable, and functional space all the while creating an memorable experience and special moments room to room.  He considers each job a collaboration and works closely with each client throughout the creative process.